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A stump can also be removed or killed with salt. For different types of salt are suitable. Although this should kill the tree stump and ensure a quick rotting but not harm the environment. Therefore, rock salt or else Epsom salt is suitable. But you need some time for the method. It can take six weeks to several months for the salt to strike and ultimately kill the tree root. Only then can the rotting of the disruptive tree stump finally begin and one comes to the actual goal, the removal of the stump from the garden is much simpler.

When the Tree Root is Still Alive, Salt Helps

You can then use salt if the tree stump is still alive and kill new shoots before they are produced. Otherwise, they will continue to grow, and the tree stump will not rot, or only very slowly. The tree stump is half dead, but will not disappear by itself.

Kill with Salt and Accelerate Rotting

Salt can be used to permanently kill the tree stump or at least to accelerate the rotting. In this process, we fill the tree trunk with salt. For this, one needs Epsom salt or rock salt, and this should not have any additional ingredients that would harm the environment.

Preliminary Work; Remove Stump with Salt

Drill holes in the tree stump with a drill, these serve to allow the salt to penetrate deeply and evenly. The ideal depth of the holes is about 20 to 30 centimeters, depending on the size of the removed stump. They should be about one to two inches apart. The deeper you can drill, the better. Because then the saline solution can penetrate to the roots.

Alternative: Beat depressions instead of holes for the salt
If you do not have a drill or drill that is long enough, you can also pick up an ax to make appropriate holes in the trunk. Or you take the chainsaw.

There are also tree stumps where you can see more branched roots close to the surface. Here you can fill salt into the drilled holes.

Fill Holes in the Stump with Salt and Seal

Now fill the holes with salt, but there must be some space upwards for the closed gaps. You can accomplish this process by adding wax. So to seal the holes is enough a candle. Just light and let liquid wax drip into the holes.

Prevent Light from Entering with Plastic Tarp

In the end, you should cover the tree stump with a dark (not translucent) plastic tarp. This step accelerates the process once again and ensures that no light would favor the emergence of new shoots.

Do Not Take Normal Saline to Kill

To remove the tree stump, you should not use normal saline because this damages not only the remaining tree stump and its roots but also the soil around the stump.

These salt types are used to kill a tree root effectively:

Rock Salt

Rock salt is used, among other things, for the regeneration of water softening in dishwashers. And it is also used as de-icing salt. However, not every commercially available road salt consists of rock salt, you can use regular salt for this purpose. Because the salt, which can provide security for smoothness and ice, is not very environmentally friendly.

Epsom Salt

Sulfuric acid has two magnesium salts; magnesium sulfate (MgSO 4 ) and magnesium hydrogen sulfate Mg (HSO4) 2. Then there is magnesium sulfate heptahydrate MgSO4 · 7 H2O. This substance also occurs as a mineral epsomite and has received the trivial name Epsom salt because of its bitter taste. Magnesium sulfate is used as a fertilizer but also as a drying agent.

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